Monday, April 7, 2008

God is Awesome!

Our God is such an awesome God! I didn't even really know I needed cheering up until today.

First of all, my wonderful mother called me and encouraged me greatly! Thank you, Mom. I love you!

Secondly, it always weighs on the back of my mind of how to figure out a way to help Nathan learn some skills that he can fall back on someday. There is a very real possibility that he will not go to college. Yet, Dan is not mechanically inclined and really can't teach him many skills in that area.

Last summer, Nathan worked only one day a week for a few hours at a farm. He loved it and would of gladly worked every day but to be honest, it was an acquaintance who created the job for him and they really didn't need him. They said he worked very well but we knew they were looking for things for him to do. It's not like they really needed him.

Nathan called one day in the fall to see if they wanted him to come in, and the man told him that there was not much else to do for the winter and he would call him in the spring when they needed him. Of course, that was pretty much the kiss of death and they haven't called him.

Anyway, since then there is a couple who started attending our church and the husband is the caretaker of an estate for a gentleman farmer. Anyway, he approached my dh and mentioned something about Nathan working for him this summer. I didn't want to get my or Nathan's hopes up so I didn't say anything to him.

Today we found out that Nathan starts Saturday and will work every Saturday until the summer when they will need him a lot more. They are paying him $10 an hour which is $3 more than he got at the last job!!!

So God is such a great provider for all our needs. I feel so much lighter today!