Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Currently, the children and I are studying body systems in science. I use KONOS, which is a Christian, unit study curriculum that focuses on character traits. So for example, when we studied the character trait of inquisitiveness, we also looked at scientists because they demonstrated this trait. When looked at the character trait of courage, we studied the American Revolution for 12 weeks. It really is an excellent curriculum and the kids love the activities.

I don't happen to have the third volume of KONOS which contains the systems of the body (can't afford it right now) so we are just using library books. We wrapped up the skeletal system last week and are now on the circulatory system. One thing that I always think is so neat is how the Lord provides all our needs. Last June, our church had a tag sale. Someone asked me if I could use a microscope and of course, I said "yes". They gave it to me for free and I never really paid to much attention to it until this past Fall. I discovered that it actually is a school quality microscope and came with the slides and all types of gadgets!

Anyway, today I sacrificed myself for my children and used one of Nathan's needles to prick my finger to obtain a drop of blood to view under the microscope. Aren't I such a giving mother? LOL!

First we read about the circulatory system and did some experiments such as watching our veins flatten out, taking our pulse and blood pressure.

Then we looked at my blood through the microscope. We saw the donut shaped red blood cells.

We still aren't sure about the white blood cells. I think we need a bit more power.

Okay, this is embarrassing but as a stellar public school graduate, I did not know that your blood only turns red when oxygen hits it. The blood that travels down through your body is actually bluish-purple. I don't know what I learned in school!

Anyway, we learned a lot together and had fun doing it!