Friday, July 18, 2008

Crash and Burn

I am tired. We had such a busy week but today especially has just been non-stop.

Just to give you an idea, here is my day (so far):

* Up, checked email and blog

* Children up, dressed, fed

* Breakfast cleanup

* Showered & dressed

* Dan & the boys, and a gentleman from church moved the entire contents of our attic to the new house.

* Made fresh tomato pasta sauce for lunch

* Made Italian bread for lunch

* Did 2 loads of laundry

* Weeded the garden for 15 minutes

* Landlady stopped by and I sat down with a cup of coffee with her.

* Vaccumed the entire downstairs

* Made salad

* Made blueberry muffins for Sunday's refreshment time. Of course, they puffed up into these giant conehead, looking things so the muffins are now for us. :-)

* Lunch & cleanup

* Drove to the new house to work

* I cleaned vacuumed & mopped the room in the basement that Dan will use for an office

* I finished putting contact paper in kitchen and linen closet

* Vacuumed & mopped Emily's room as well as touched up the paint (I painted yesterday)

We are having hotdogs and french fries for dinner because I absolutely want to just lay around for the rest of the night! LOL!

Here are some more pictures of the house.

First of all, the boys put together boxes for us the other day and decided to be funny and park them all in the living room. :-)

Emily's new paint job. It actually matches the background color in her new quilt I'm making.

Look at that shine!

I mopped and waxed the floors in the living room yesterday day and they look so much better.

View of the fireplace from the living room.

From the kitchen.

My first sewing job in the new house will be to cover that ugly blue cushion!

Stephen enjoying his new room.

That was my day from 7:15 this morning until 5:15 this afternoon. I'm sorry that I'm not having much time to respond to your comments. I always read them with great enjoyment but don't always have time to respond to every single one. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I really appreciate each one of my readers.

Have a great day!