Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to the Table

I first heard about the book, Back to the Table by Art Smith from Kelli. It is actually a cookbook but he has so many interesting insights on almost every page that it reads like a book. It has some wonderful recipes and I think this is one I want to purchase.

I wanted to share a few interesting tidbits with you.

"We should all think about returning to the sanctity of the table, where we can rebuild our families, heal spiritually and physically, and reconnect with those we love. The table is a familiar, uncomplicated, and friendly place where we can celebrate family, friends, food, and life's many blessings."

"While cooking for families, I was constantly remided that we are all human, capable of making mistakes, of hurting those we love, and, most of all, capable of forgiveness. I see this over and over again at the table. The act of cooking for others, making dishes they especially like and sharing your own favorites is an act of love. It says to those we cook for that we revere and bless them for being a part of our lives."

"For me, family tradition is practiced daily, not just on holidays and planned family get-togethers. The key is to enjoy your loved ones every time you're together."

This books as some wonderful nuggets of wisdom. I've never really thought about the meals I cook as an expression of love for my family. Often, I'm much more pragmatic. They're hungry and I need to keep them fed! However, when we look at the meals we cook as an outpouring of love and respect for our friends and family, it certainly puts a whole new spin on meal time.

So today I would encourage you to look at the meals you prepare as a way to bless your family. Enjoy pouring your creativity and love into each dish you make!