Saturday, September 6, 2008

School Days

Well, we started school this week with a few hiccups. Here is what I have planned for this year.

Nathan & Stephen

Nathan is in 10th grade with learning disabilities
Stephen is in 9th grade

Nathan - Math-U-See - finish up decimals & percents and begin pre-algebra
Stephen - Math-U-See - finish up pre-algebra and begin Algebra I

Lightning Literature - American Literature Early-Mid 19th Century and American Literature - Mid-Late 19th Century

Recipe for Reading - Nathan only


Positive Action for Christ's In Their Sandals - covers Bible & creative writing.


KONOS's Electing America's Leaders - 1/2 year

World History

KONOS's History of the World, Volume I - January on through the summer - when we are finished with this they will have 1 credit in world history, 1 credit in art and 1 credit in English.


Apologia Physical Science

Practical Arts

Cooking lessons
Different work projects - scrapping & painting the room next door counts

Emily is in 4th grade.


Same as boys


Math-U-See - multiplication & division


Answers in Genesis - Beginnings; Questions; The Seven Cs of History


KONOS's Electing America's Leaders

New York State History Study using various library books


Rod & Staff English
Rod & Staff Spelling
Rod & Staff Penmanship
Rod & Staff Reading

Music for all 3

Piano Lessons - all 3
Drums - Nathan
Guitar - Stephen

Physical Education for all 3

Karate - all 3
President's Physical Fitness Challenge - all 3
Basketball (possibly) - Emily

Well, that is probably more information than you ever wanted to know but it helps me to see it all laid out.