Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nathan struggles everyday of his life with his learning disabilities. He really can grasp different concepts very well but the mechanics of reading, writing, spelling and math are so difficult. He reads at about a 5th grade level and his writing and spelling skills are much, much lower.

For math, we've been using Math-U-See and while I love the program and he loves it and is learning, he fails almost every test. It's okay because it's just part of his learning disability and he usually fails them because of recall issues. He'll set up the problems great and understands how to set them up but will make mistakes in multiplying or adding or something like that. Using a calculator for tests has helped some but his test scores range from 30s to 60s.

Anyway, he was so excited and proud of himself because he finally made it into the pre-algebra book in MUS. This is far beyond what he would get in p.s. In the high school special education classes in public school, they only do consumer math.

He just finished up chapter 4 and took the test. Do you know that on the last 4 tests he has gotten a 95, 90, 90 and 80?! And that, my friends, is without the use of the calculator! I didn't let him use it for these tests because the tests were on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing negative numbers. It's more an issue of which sign to use.

Anyway, he is so proud of himself and his self-confidence has shot through the roof. I'm hoping we can keep up the good work. I'm encouraged too!

I just thought I'd share my good news with you all.