Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day


Well, the first day has come and gone and overall, it was a good day. Stephen can't wait to go back tomorrow and likes all of his classes, except math. It's probably because the class is comprised of almost all students who struggle and many of them could care less. I told him to just stay focused and do the right thing. Unfortunately, changing that class will make us have to change his other classes which he likes so we don't want to do that.

Emily said she was bored because the only thing they did all day was go over the rules and play on the playground. What a nut! She is the only child I know is upset because there was no work.

Nathan enjoyed his classes and teachers. Unfortunately, he is not happy about lunch because none of the kids from his class are in his lunch period. I think he is experiencing some major culture shock because the language of the teens is peppered with four letter words. He is totally overwhelmed with the amount of students in the lunchroom and didn't even eat his lunch today. :-( It's a lot for him to deal with all at once so we will have to see how that goes.

However, I think it was a good day. I know I certainly got a ton of housework done today!