Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Goals

Each year I sit down and work on my goal list for 2010. I don't usually make resolutions, but do set up goals based on the priorities that I feel the Lord has given me. That would include my relationship with him, my husband and family, personal and ministry goals. I definitely have a lot I want to accomplish this year. I'm not sure it will all happen, but if you aim at nothing you'll hit it everytime!

Here are my goals for the coming year. I didn't post all of them, because some of them are personal and are between me and the Lord.

Spiritual Goals
♥ Have consistent quiet time with the Lord
♥ Read through the Bible
♥ Write devotionals for my family for our Advent Jesse Tree next Christmas. I want to write something for older children/teens as the one I have is for younger children.

Marriage Relationship Goals
♥ Spend one evening a week on a date with dh (right now it's been Thursday nights)
♥ Ask dh each day what I can do to help him out.
♥ Make a point of telling dh each day of something that I appreciate about him. Do a better job of pointing out what he does right!

Relationship with Children
♥ Stop what I'm doing (when possible) and look each child in the eye as they are telling me about their day.
♥ Work on communicating with the boys as adults and less like they are still little boys and ordering them around.
♥ Consistent family devotions (doing pretty good with this, but want to keep it up)
♥ Take Emily out for one on one time at least 2-3 times per month. She really seems to need this from me.

Health & Nutrition
♥ Lose 35 lbs. this year
♥ Regular exercise - at least 4-5 times per week. Dh and I used to walk together everyday. However, our schedules both went haywire and I'm not exercising at all right now. I definitely need to make this a priority.

Household & Organizational Items
♥ Write out a menu each week and shop accordingly
♥ Make a shopping list before I go
♥ Use cash for the menus
♥ Put together a household manual (I planned on doing this in 2009, but it never happened)
♥ Stick to a regular cleaning schedule
♥ Work on having cards ready at the beginning of each month for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This way all I have to do is pop a stamp on and mail them so they are received on time.

I found the next category the hardest to come up with goals. I think it's because our ministry here permeates every aspect of our lives and it's hard to know what to plan for because it changes all the time. The reality is too that Dan is the pastor of the church but because we are such a small church, I'm involved so many aspects of it. However, I do want to be more deliberate about what I do which means I have to slow down and pray, pray, pray. So those are more of what my goals are for the coming year.

Ministry Goals
♥ Continue my online devotional each Wednesday
♥ Pray deliberately for the women in our church
♥ Spend time in prayer each week about the ministries I run
♥ Pray about a ministry possibility this summer

I would encourage you to take some time and set some goals for the coming year. I think it helps to be deliberate about our lives and not just react to things as they happen.

Have a Happy New Year!