Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Look what Nathan came home with last night. He joined the volunteer fire department about a month ago on his own initiative. A friend from school is a junior firefighter and ever since he was little, Nathan has loved fire trucks and anything to do with firefighting.

Since he is 18 he is considered an adult so when he went to fill out the paperwork, he had to do it all there. In fact, I have no clue what happens when he is there. Of course, it gives me an unsettled feeling since I have been so involved in his life for so long. However, Dan keeps encouraging me and reminding me that even with his disabilities, he has to learn how to manage on his own.

But, going into burning buildings? As a mother, the things that go through my mind are, "Do they know he has asthma?" "What about the autism spectrum?" "It takes him a while to process things?" "He has major learning disabilities." "How is he ever going to pass the exams if he wants to pass certain courses."

I look at all the problems, yet I am reminded that God looks at the potential. Where I see disabilities, God sees possibilities. Aren't you glad the Lord looks past our weaknesses and sees the potential we all have? I am humbled to see how he is working in Nathan's life even through the things the world sees has barriers. It makes me ashamed of my lack of faith sometimes.

Dan did a funeral last week and ran into a friend who is also a volunteer firefighter. He assured Dan that they would not let new volunteers do anything dangerous until they had the proper training. Right now, he basically is going to be directing traffic or other small jobs.

Last night, Nathan started his training and absolutely loved it! If this works out, once he turns 21 if he can pass the civil service exam along with other various courses, he could actually do this for a living.

It's amazing to see how he compensates for his learning disabilities and yet still is retaining the information. I think a lot has to do with this being something he is passionate about.

Anyway, I'm proud of him and wanted to share the possibilities for Nathan's future that the Lord has provided!