Friday, February 5, 2010

Foto Friday


It's Foto Friday at Rebecca's blog. The theme this week was GROWING.

I had all sorts of ideas going through my mind this week, but not one of them came to fruition. It was a busy week and every time I thought about it, the camera was nowhere near at hand.

So unfortunately, I only have a couple of piddly shots!

Here is one of my growing baby taking care of her growing baby hamster.

This past year was a difficult one and one where I've had to cling to Jesus and his promises. As a result I have grown in many ways.


I bought a sprouting jar and sprouting mix to start growing my own sprouts. So they were the subject of my next photo.

After 7 years of planting seeds here, my husband and I are starting to see tremendous spiritual growth. We had 14 baptisms back in November and our church is growing. We are definitely seeing a harvest!


Well, that's it. For more entries, check out Rebecca's blog (link at the beginning of the post).