Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Genetic Testing


I spent the majority of my morning at the hospital yesterday with the geneticist. Nathan had an appointment and I'm learning more about DNA and genetic testing than I ever wanted to know. He has been poked and prodded and is being sent out for a new round of blood tests.

He is also getting an MRI of the brain as the geneticist is concerned about a number of physical characteristics that may present a neurological issue. This is such a long ordeal and some of you may be wondering why we are going through all of this.

He has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but there are some underlying genetic issues that we need some answers for. The way things are looking now, Nathan will be living us for many years to come. He may not be able to be fully independent and we need to get things in place to allow him to get disability.

Once he turns 21, he will no longer be on our insurance plan unless we have paperwork in place showing an organic cause for his disabilities. Given his major health issues, he is going to need insurance.

So, we still have months of blood tests, MRIs, and doctors visits ahead of us. I probably have enough information in my brain to get a full medical degree! :-)