Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary


Twenty-two years ago I said, "I do!" to this man. We were young and still in seminary and very naive about the world. We have had our share of UPs and downs, good times and bad times.

Through it all, our love has grown and solidified and remained strong. Do we get on each others' nerves at times? Absolutely! Are there times when we quarrel? Yep! However, we are committed to each other. We work through the issues. When we said, "I do." we meant it for life.

After twenty-two years, the things that used to cause us to bicker just don't seem so important. We often look back and laugh at the issues that made us angry so long ago. We've been through so many things that those trivial issues seem so silly now.

What has remained is....

Our love for each other.

The ability to make each other laugh.

Knowing what makes each other tick and what drives each other crazy.

The experience of going through heartbreaking experiences and coming out the other side stronger and more unified because we went through it together.

Seeing our personalities expressed in each of our three children.

Appreciation for each others strengths, and understanding of each others weaknesses.

Forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

I love my husband more today than I did on that June day twenty-two years ago and I look forward to another twenty-two years!

I love you, Dan!