Sunday, June 27, 2010

Work in Progress


Yesterday began the start of a busy season of parades for Nathan. He finally got his uniform for marching and is one happy young man. You could almost visibly see his chest puff out and once he had the uniform on, he started strutting around the house.

I could see his mind playing and replaying marching scenarios because he was in his own world, stepping in time to some unheard beat. It was so wonderful to see him happy and excited about this.

He has come so far in a year and it's amazing to see the changes in him. In a year, he has crossed the following hurdles....

► Gone to public school.

► Interacted with his peers.

► Carried on phone conversations.

► Initiated joining the fire department.

► Headed out to meetings each Monday night with a friend.

► Took and passed his driver's permit and now drives.

► Makes his needs known to others.

► Rides his bike to and from the fire house on his own. (This is HUGE! A year ago he wouldn't do anything like this on his own nor even with his brother).

► Rides in a noisy fire truck.

► Started a job this week.

and yesterday....

► Went off by himself to his first parade where he marched. He left the house at 12:30 and didn't get home until 10:00. He came in happy, upbeat and talkative.

Nathan is a work in progress and I thank the Lord everyday for how He has worked in Nathan's life.