Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Struggling, though Determined


Nathan is in a class that is actually a precursor to Firefighter I, one of the classes he would have to take to be a paid firefighter. It's been meeting the past few weeks and it moves fast. After a week and a half they had a mid-term, which he failed. Tonight is the final exam.

He has severe learning disabilities and after much debate, I did email the instructor to let him know about it. In the public school system, Nathan has testing accommodations.

The instructor has been very nice and went over the mid-term with Nathan to show him where his mistakes were. I believe that they are going to have someone read the test to him tonight, which is one of his accommodations.

This has been a hard class for him. He is great with the hands on activities, but reading, writing, spelling and math are things that he struggles with. He has a very low processing speed and working memory. This makes learning difficult. I have been trying to read the book to him, but I can see that he struggles to retain it. Also, some of the problem is that the class moves so fast since it's only about 4 weeks long and they only meet 2-3 days per week. They are cramming a lot of material into a short amount of time.

I would really appreciate your prayers for Nathan, especially as he takes this exam tonight. He will not be able to get into the next class without passing this one.