Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Chapter


My stomach has been churning all day. Ever since I received a phone call from Nathan's guidance counselor this morning.

To back up a bit, I posted a few weeks ago about Nathan not fitting in and getting teased in his classes. "You are so weird." "Why do you talk so funny?" "I can't understand you." "Why are you in this class?" "You are too old to be here." "What are you? Autistic or something.?" :-(

The solution we initially came up with was to drop the class that this was happening in the most. I've been driving Nathan to school later and he starts his day with his third period class.

However, he still has been very unhappy. He wants to be done with school. Dan & I have been torn and pretty much told him that he was going to have to stick it out for the rest of the year. I mean, at least he would have one year of the culinary class under his belt. He would have some sort of occupational experience to try and find employment with.

He is 20 1/2 and hanging with men at the firehouse. Yet, every day he has to make his way back into school with 15-17 year olds. It's tough.

Back to the phone call. "Mrs. Groh, we are concerned about Nathan." "We received a phone call from a parent who knows him and is worried because he seems depressed and they are afraid he might hurt himself." WHAT???????

We had a long talk with Nathan today. Suicidal? Absolutely not. But he is down. He is depressed about his life. He wants to move on.

So after phone calls back and forth between his old school and the new school, he will be officially done with high school this week. His old school will be mailing him his diploma in a few weeks, after approval from the Board of Education; a formality.

His face lit up. He has been talkative. He is making plans for his life. He is happy again.

Dan and myself. We are not so sure. We're not positive that we should be starting a new chapter.

But God has a plan for Nathan so we are content with that for right now. If you think of us, please pray for us. Mothering a special needs child is difficult. I feel so inept for this job and I need encouragement.