Saturday, December 10, 2011

Small Update


I wanted to give you all a small update on what is going on here with Nathan. I appreciate your prayers!

I got a phone call from the head chef in Nathan's technical school in relation to a boy there who has really been giving him a hard time. I had emailed the chef letting him know what was happening and asking him to please take care of it. I also let him know that Nathan had gotten to the point where he was unhappy and planning on stopping the program as of December 23rd.

The chef called me to let me know they took care of the whole situation. He told me that Nathan could expect an apology from this other boy which did happen. He said if something happens again, Nathan should immediately let them know. He also encouraged me to convince Nathan to stay until the end of the school year because he is doing so well.

He said that Nathan has a great work ethic, a wonderful, upbeat attitude and works well with others. He felt like Nathan would work well in a kitchen because it's all about being a team player and Nathan is so positive.

It takes Nathan a while to sort through his emotions and get to the core of his anxieties. He really does like his technical school and loves cooking, but is totally overwhelmed, stressed out and scared about the high school. He is at the high school in the morning and then leaves at 11:30 for his technical school.

It really has been such a huge change for him. In his old school he was in a self-contained classroom and we were given permission to drop him off in the back so he went down a very short hall to his classroom. This school does not do self-contained classrooms. He went from a school of a couple hundred where he knew many people, to a school of 3,500 where he knows no one. It's too much.

Anyway, the guidance counselor called me back today and we were given permission to allow Nathan to just attend the technical school for the rest of the year. He won't have to deal with the high school building anymore which is making him extremely happy.

We encouraged him to stay in the technical school because at least he is learning a trade there. He'll come out with some experience under his belt with top chefs. Hopefully, that will help him find a job.

When we thought we were pulling him out of school, I called the agency that works with him beyond high school and we have an appointment in early January with them. I'm going to keep the appointment anyway to discuss his options beginning this summer.

In other news, the fire department had their elections on Thursday night and Nathan was elected to Sergeant at Arms, which basically means he makes sure their meetings are run with proper decorum and order.

I'm proud of him!