Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Little Sister

10. Write her love notes on the message board in the dining room. Things like, "No picking on anyone 8 years younger than you, UNLESS her name is Emily."

9. Ignore her when she talks to you.

8. Contradict every thing she tries to share at the dinner table.

7. Go off and don't invite her along.

6. Talk about how good her chickens would taste for dinner.

5. Roll your eyes and sigh at her when she says something.

4. Mimic her on a regular basis.

3. Tell her how annoying her friends are.

2. When playing board games, argue with her about the rules.

And the number one way to annoy your little sister....

1. Chase her with one of her own roosters!


Just so you know we're normal. And YES, they both love her!