Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Proud Moments


There are many times when I wonder if anything I teach, either by example or through my words, is sinking in with my children.  There have been times of disappointment, pain and despair that anything good will ever come.

Yet, there are also those times when things come out of the blurriness of life and into crystal clear focus.  It may only last for a few moments but it's those moments that give me hope.  Moments when I breathe a sigh of relief and see God working.  Moments when I relax for a bit and know that the Lord is watching over them.

This past week was one of those times.  I flew out on Wednesday night to spend a few days caring for my mom as she recuperates from surgery and returned last night.  I returned to a house that was neat and clean and the laundry was done.  The children had cooked meals all week, cleaned up after themselves, cared for the animals and generally made their dad's life a whole lot easier by getting along and holding down the fort.  I was so proud of them!

There were other moments this week.  Moments when I found out that my 7th grader was accepted into an accelerated art class and will receive a half credit towards her high school diploma.  When someone shared with me how impressed she was with my 19 year old and how thoughtful he was.  When my 20 year old received Rookie of the Year from the volunteer fire department of which he is a member.  Moments that made my heart swell and feel that all will be well.

Those are the moments that make me love being a mother!

Today, I'm combining Loving Our Children Tuesday and Multitude Monday together.
This week I'm thankful for blessings #901-922.

♥ Lift offs and touch downs, modern miracles.Photobucket

♥ Soaring above the clouds.
♥ Hot food in an empty belly.
♥ Stretching out after hours of sitting.

♥ Nathan receiving rookie of the year.
♥ Time to reflect.
♥ Ministering to mom.
♥ Children who step up and take responsibility and show maturity.
♥ A daughter jumping up and down with joy.

♥ A mother who gave me my love of books.
♥ Hot soapy water washing away grime.
♥ Laughing with mom & dad.
♥ My frailty which keeps me focused on the Lord.

♥ Splashes of color in the midst of drab winter.
♥ The chatter of an excited two year old on the airplane.
♥ Watching people and praying for them at the airport.
♥ The earth looking like a patchwork quilt from the airplane window.
♥ Nathan offered a job a few days after school.
♥ Excitement that gives my stomach flip-flops as I wait for my family.
♥ Hearing my son handle phone calls on his own even though struggling with disabilities.

♥ A beautiful skyline

and finally...

♥ Heart swelling with mother pride.