Monday, April 16, 2012

Pointing Fingers

We've all been at the end of them.   We've all pointed them.

"Can you believe she wore that to church?"   "Did you hear what he did last night?"   "Do you know what she said?"  "Did you hear that John is mad at Tom?"

We whisper these things and then we wonder why people avoid Christians.  Why people can't see Jesus when we are supposed to represent him.  Why the church is filled with the walking wounded.

I've been guilty at times of pointing my finger.  Of judging someone based on their exterior instead of looking at their heart.  I've been guilty of the whispers and the stares.

Lord, forgive me.  Help me to get out of the way so people can see around me to you.

I've felt the staring eyes boring deep into my soul.  The pointed fingers.  The heat in my cheeks.  The stabbing pain in my heart.

Lord, forgive them.  Help me to see the pain in them that has created a critical spirit and love them anyway.  Help them to see you in my reactions.

There is a song by one of my favorite groups, Casting Crowns, that says it well.  Jesus, a friend of sinners.  Break my heart for what breaks yours.  

Let's turn those pointing fingers into open palms of acceptance, love and grace.  A hand reaching out to the hurting.  A hand reaching to help another.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #976-988.

A productive week.

♥ Beautiful sunsets.

♥ Lunch with a friend.

♥ Blooming flowers.

♥  Letting go and letting the Lord lead.

♥ Frogs croaking.

♥ Teen girls who faithfully come each week to learn how to be real in a fake world.

♥ Nature lovers.
♥ A brand new book in my hands, written by a friend.

♥ Splashes of color.

♥ An unexpected gift.

♥ Photographing an opportune moment.

and finally...

♥ The desire to turn a pointing finger into an open palm.