Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Operation Celebration", Day #6 & Day #7

"Operation Celebration" has been a huge success and is coming to an end.  It's been a wonderful way to celebrate Emily's birthday and was a lot of fun for her.

Today I'll be at the market all afternoon for our town's Community Day.  Dan is taking her to the library and then stopping by community day because a friend will be there with her animals.  If the weather clears up (it's raining right now), the town pool opens today for free so he'll take her there.

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to get her birthday gift!

So she's had a great week.  The total cost for the week, including some of the snack items I picked up for the party came to $45.  Dan got paid yesterday which gave me a bit to work with for the party items. 

Here are some pictures of the celebration yesterday.

When she got home from school there was a large gift bag on the table.  She had to keep opening up successively smaller bags.


In the last bag was an envelope with the invitation to her surprise party.


The girls had a great time making their own stuffed pizza.


For those of you who aren't from Upstate New York, it's pizza dough with all the fillings wrapped on the inside, deep fried and covered with sauce.  Definitely not fat free! ;-)


They made their own facial masks.


We did a homemade hot oil treatment for their hands and then painted nails.


Made bath salts.


Then decorated cupcakes and opened gifts.


It was so much fun and surprisingly, I didn't even have time for the other activity I had planned which was making their own cards.

So "Operation Celebration" is at an end!  It's been fun documenting this for all of you. I'm going to need an "Operation Rest" week for me now!