Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Good Friend

I can't think of a more peaceful place than my friend, Melissa's home.  I have been friends with her for about 14 years and in fact, she was the reason that I began homeschooling many years ago.  Dan & I were working for an inner city ministry in New Jersey and he would come up here and fill in for her pastor during vacations.  That is how I originally got to know her.  She has been a wealth of information and encouragement for me over the years.  She is always pushing me on and encouraging me when I have doubts.

For years, we have only  seen each other 2 or 3 times a year but they have always been enjoyable times of cups of tea and lots of talking and catching up. We talk about faith, family, homeschooling and life in general.  Even though our personalities are different, our interests are the same.  We think a lot alike and learn from each other.

This year is the most I've seen her during our entire friendship.  Each Wednesday afternoon, Emily & I head out to her home where she teaches art to Emily.  In exchange, I clean her house and do little odd jobs that she may need.  It's been a mutually beneficial arrangement this year.

Melissa is an excellent artist and is teaching Emily techniques and skills that I never could have.  Here is some samples of her art work.  Isn't she talented?

I enjoy our arrangement because I always find her home so peaceful.   Even though I'm cleaning, I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed.  It must be something in the air there! It's a nature lover's paradise from the many bird feeders on their deck to the dogs lying in various positions to the cat who finds its way into the middle of whatever we are doing.  More than that, Melissa exudes tranquility and encouragement and I think that is what is so attractive about her.

I look forward to Wednesdays and Emily is always excited and happy the days we are going there.  She is also learning so much from Melissa.  When we got home today, she immediately sat down and began working at her homework.  I love seeing her so interested in art and I know that Melissa is helping to keep that interest alive!