Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ernie, the Eagle

After seeing my pictures of the bald eagle I took last week, Emily wrote this story.  I thought is was cute and decided to share it here. I find that doing this from time to time keeps her motivated.

Ernie, the Eagle
     Ernie the eagle was a risk taking bird. All day long he would fly in circles and would swoop toward the ground at astonishing speed and pull up at the last second. He was the ring leader of a group of other eagles. They called themselves the scary eagle club. They thought they were cool but, really they were  not liked by all the other birds and animals. 

     One bright and sunny day Ernie was flying over Crystal Rock. Crystal Rock was a very scary dangerous place full of sharp rocks and thorn bushes. Ernie was going there on a dare. He had to navigate his way through the sharp rocks and prickly thorn bushes. He was flying and dodging the sharp rocks but when he came to the thorn bushes he was in trouble. He was flying under and over the bushes when a powerful gust of wind blew him straight into the thorns. He tumbled right into them. 

     His wings were caught by those spiky thorns and whenever he moved the thorns dug deeper into him. His friends came rushing toward him, careful to avoid the dangerous obstacles. They started cutting away at the thorns with their pointy beaks. Ernie tore through the thorns and he was free. The only problem was that he was bald! His friends stared straight at his head. 

     “What’s wrong?” Ernie asked.

     “Your head.” Replied his friend. “It’s bald!”   

     ‘What!” Shouted Ernie. He rushed to the nearest stream. “It’s true. I’m bald!” cried Ernie as he stared at his reflection.

     “I think you look cool.” replied Ernie’s friend.

     “You do?” 

     “Yup.” His friends replied. “I’m going to cut my hair too” 

     The birds zoomed away to the thorn bush. When they were done flying and swooping they all had bald heads. All the other eagles liked the haircuts too so they all went to the thorn bushes and cut their hair. 

     And that is how the bald eagle got it's name.