Friday, March 1, 2013

Crafty Things


March 1st!!!!  Is anyone besides me excited that the end of winter is in sight?  My mind is turning to warm weather, abundant sunshine and Spring.  Of course, I live in the Northeast so it'll be cold, wet (in the form of rain or snow) and dreary for at least another month but I certainly see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I started looking at spring-time fabrics and this week made two tea cozies.  I loved how these turned out.  After the first one, I ended up tweaking the pattern and had a much easier time.  

Here is the first one.

The second one...

Aren't they adorable?  

In other news, I was able to upload one of my own photos for the book cover and I'm much happier with it.  I had used one of the stock photos the publishing company had, but wasn't thrilled about doing that.  I mean, who wants a book with a twin out there?  lol  I loved being able to use one of my own photographs.

Here is the new cover:

I received the proof in a pdf-file and I ordered a hard copy proof of my book and I'm going over it with a fine tooth comb to correct any errors.  I then resubmit the whole file and get another proof to review.  Once I'm done with that, and as soon as I get the awaited permissions for the Bible verses, it'll be ready to publish.  This whole process is very interesting to me and I'm enjoying seeing my thoughts and words materialize in book form. 

You are welcome to come on over and like my facebook page, Wednesday Words of Encouragement for a Discouraged World.  The more I can get the word out, the better!

I'm tentatively setting a date for the middle of April.  So exciting!