Monday, May 20, 2013


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My life feels like a kaleidoscope lately; an ever changing pattern of colors and events,  I get used to one thing and feel settled, and the pattern changes again.  I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge of another turn of the kaleidoscope, especially when I'm not the one turning it.  

Yet, as the colors and patterns emerge from the various pieces of my life, God is creating a beautiful picture.  One that keeps me coming back for a second look.  If I only keep my eyes focused on the picture He shows me, it all makes sense.  

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And the only thing He requires of me is to trust.  To walk in the path He leads.  To believe He has a good plan.  Not easy, but always fulfilling.

So as the kaleidoscope makes another turn and the pattern comes into focus, I look forward to seeing what the picture will be.

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This week I continue to count blessings #1608-1620.

♥  A productive work day for the church.
♥  Getting piles of junk out of the sheds.
♥  Good discussions with my children.

♥  Spring awakenings.
♥  Restored relationships.
♥  Feeling God's presence in worship.   

♥ Lunch with a friend.
♥ A night out with the girls.
♥ A beautiful voice singing praises.

♥ A church body who challenges and encourages each other.
♥ My husband who always wants to do God's will.
♥ Heart-felt prayers.

and finally...

♥ Trusting God with the mosaic of my life.