Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letting Our Children Go

Letting our children go.  What does this mean?  How do you do this?  Does anyone else struggle in this area?

I have an online friend whom I have known for about 11 years.  One thing that I've always appreciated about Kate Megill is her Godly wisdom and advice, not only on the message board we both frequent, but in private messages and emails to me.  Even though we've never met face to face, I consider her a dear friend.  Don't you just love how technology can bring people together who may never have met otherwise?  

On her blog today she asked people to link up and share ways that they begin to let their children go.  I confess that I'm terrible at this.  Not because I want my children to remain attached to me but because I am one GIANT control freak who also struggles with anxiety.  I haven't been good at including my children in the cooking or laundry or a host of other things because it is so much easier to do it myself.  I get frustrated when it's not done the "right" way which generally means "my way."  SIGH.   

I recognize that this is a problem and need to change it.

I love Kate's thoughts on this and think she shows a great balance in letting go but not being totally "hands-off" which is the mistake I see many parents make once their children hit their teen years.

So rather than share my own limited thoughts on this, I decided to link to Kate's blog today and let you read what she has to say.  So go ahead and click on Teaching What is Good and read these wonderful words of wisdom today!