Thursday, August 15, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

I was just saying to Dan last night that it feels like the summer is over.  It's been actually nippy the past couple of days and as I was sitting on the deck the other day, I watched as leaves kept fluttering down.  Autumn is just around the corner.

How do I know?

Fall fabric in the stores.  Have lots of wonderful plans for these.

 photo IMG_1310_zps887d1d02.jpg

Rows of pickles.

 photo IMG_1362_zpsdcb38ca4.jpg

Days are getting a bit shorter.

 photo IMG_1363_zpsb811d6dd.jpg

Emily is registered for high school.  How did my baby get to be high school age?

Stephen starts college again on the 26th.

Every summer seems to zip by!

I've had a busy week, filling some orders.

 photo IMG_1355_zpsd1322b98.jpg

Outdoor Chair cushions (I modeled it on my chair, but obviously, made the cushions for smaller chairs)
 photo IMG_1358_zpse9d7961d.jpg

And a diaper bag out of the Coach fabric I have.  This one was tricky because I didn't have much of the fabric and needed to try and incorporate it into the bag.  Overall, I think it turned out cute.  It doesn't have an ounce of baby fabric in it, but that was the idea.
 photo IMG_1367_zps0ededf4a.jpg

 photo IMG_1369_zps62c0eccb.jpg

 photo IMG_1371_zpsb748e1e6.jpg

Finally, it's almost finished!  My new book, One Clear, Still Night will be out in early September.  It's a book of thirty-one Advent devotionals with different stories, recipes and ideas included that will help make your Christmas meaningful.  Like the other book, Words of Encouragement for a Discouraged World, I've also included journal lines so you can write down any thoughts of your own.

 photo IMG_1308_zps098b8f4d.jpg

If you haven't purchased Words of Encouragement, I'd encourage you to click on the link and check it out.  It's on Amazon or you can also purchase it in my webstore.

Anyway, there are some exciting things happening and I'm looking forward to the fall!