Friday, October 11, 2013


One of my favorite places to visit each day is a private facebook group I created for parents of children with disabilities.  It is there that I get a daily dose of encouragement, prayer, and support from other mothers who "get it."  Some have children who are very high functioning, like my own, and others have children who are severely disabled.

One thing that we all have in common is our love for these children that the world often sees as flawed.  And to be honest, we often see them as flawed too.  It's so, so difficult raising a child with a disability.  It is 24 hours a day for years and years on end of being the primary caretaker of an individual.  It's not always joyful and it can be heart-wrenching and anger-producing at times.  

Many of the milestones that most parents get to experience pass us by unattained and for some, will never occur.   For some there will be no first date, first kiss, marriage or babies.  The fear is always there that should something happen to us who will care for our children? 

The thing that tears at us too is that people generally ignore our children.  Pass them by with a perfunctory glance or avoid them at all costs.  People act as if they are invisible.  

I watched one day as a group of people who should show care and concern, basically allowed my child to stand in their midst and not one person spoke to him.  That tears at me every day and I know it's hurtful for other moms experiencing this.

The other day I asked the moms on the facebook group to list one thing they appreciate about their child's character.  The following were some of the characteristics listed: perseverance, pure and unconditional love, compassionate, humorous, and joyful.

It reminded me that these are some of the same characteristics of God.  God never changes, He perseveres, His love is pure and unconditional, He is compassionate, joyful, and He too, has a sense of humor.  How wonderful!

The very God who created these special children patterned them after Himself.  The children and adults with special needs that so many reject, are embraced by the Lord.  The ones considered a "mistake" were painstakingly molded by their Heavenly Father.  Those who will never be noticed, will never mentally age, will never move beyond the care of their parents or an institution are valued, loved, and marveled over by our Lord.

And one day, in heaven, I can picture the Lord touching each one of these special ones and what joy there will be when ultimate healing of mind and body occurs.  When they will break free of the label, "flawed" and run and jump and worship with a clear mind and a strong body.

What a wonderful day that will be!