Saturday, December 14, 2013


There have been so many unexpected things happening the past few days.  And when the unexpected happens it can sometimes make me crazy.  Yet all of these unexpected things ended up being a blessing.  I'm constantly amazed at the goodness of God which makes me want to sing His praises!.

♫ Two unexpected days off for Dan to help with packing and other things.

♫ The unexpected blessing of Dan being able to perform a ceremony for a friend before we move.

♫ An unexpected half day off for him which allowed him to go use the gift certificate he received from our church back in November.  It was for a specialty shop for runners.  They put you on equipment, measure your feet, arches, etc. to fit you with running shoes.  Dan runs all the time and has very narrow feet and a hard time finding shoes that fit.  This was a very thoughtful gift.

♫ The local fire department had told us they were giving Nathan & us a going away dinner.  What was unexpected was the plaques they gave Nathan.  One of them was from the Sheriff of our county.

♫ The wonderful realization that about 20 people from Nathan's old department showed up too.

♫ An unexpected gift of a scanner for our new location that is being programmed for him.  He was upset that because he doesn't have a cell phone, and the new department doesn't use pagers, that he might miss some calls.  What a wonderful present!

♫ I was able to spend time with a friend that I wasn't expecting to see last night.  She is on Nathan's previous department and I didn't know she was coming.

♫ A few weeks ago the chief of the fire department came and presented Nathan with a letter of recommendation.  He asked for it back this past week because he told Nathan he had to "change" something on it.  What he did instead was made it into a plaque.  Very beautiful!

♫ We canceled an out of town trip today because of a snow storm.  While I'm very disappointed, it is an unexpected "free" day to continue packing and also make some Christmas cookies.  Our house has been very cookie-free this year.

As you can see, sometimes the unexpected can be a blessing in disguise!