Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Father's Love

Fathers play such an important role in children's lives.  Much of our view of God, as father, comes from our earthly dads.  That can leave you with a wonderful impression of the Lord or a fearful impression.

I want to sing my husband's praises a bit today.  He has been, and still is, a wonderful father to our children.  He loves them, spends time with them, talks with them, provides for them and would lay down his life for his kids.

When they were babies, he would change diapers and rock them.  He talked and cuddled them. As toddlers and preschoolers, he read to them and wrestled with them and played down on the ground with them. As elementary age children, he would spend countless hours building lego creations with them or making up silly games. When they were teenagers, he taught them to drive, played music with them, and played numerous basketball and football games.

And now, as young adults he spends time talking with them about every and any subject.  He has spent the past 2 weeks helping Nathan study for a test he needs to take today.  Stephen is leaving home for the first time on Thursday to finish out his last semester at his college.  Dan has been planning and talking and figuring out ways that we can help him out financially while he is down there.  He takes his role as provider very seriously.

I'm so thankful that my children have Dan as a father.   And I also am very thankful for my father-in-law.  Dan learned this behavior from his dad.  All three of my father-in-law's sons do the same thing with their children.  What a legacy he has left!

In reality, I should make Father's Day a celebration every day not just for my husband, but for his father as well!  They truly are shining examples of what it means to be a father.