Friday, January 31, 2014

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

As a pastor's wife, I feel my primary role is to be a support to Dan and my family in this fishbowl called the pastorate.  I want home to be a place where they feel loved, supported, and cared about.  A place where they can be themselves.  A place where they can let out a sigh of satisfaction.

I fail quite often, but my goal is always to keep the home fires burning.  To make our "borrowed" house a home.  And this is a lot of the reason I stay home.  

Some ways I've kept the home fires burning this week....

♥ I sent a care package to Stephen.

♥ Made a new budget to reflect our new income and expenses.

♥ Was able to take the time to go with my husband and get together with other area pastors and their wives for lunch.

♥ Ironed my husband's shirts.

♥ Helped encourage Nathan to follow up on a job interview (by the way, he got the job and starts next week)!

♥ Did numerous loads of laundry.

♥ Encouraged Emily in her school work.

♥ Was a sounding board for Dan.

♥ Lifted Dan and our children up in prayer each day.

♥ Fielded phone calls for my husband.

♥ Did all the little "Mickey Mouse" tasks such as paperwork that Dan hates doing.

♥ Put a hot dinner on the table each night.

♥ Kept the house clean for not just company, but my family.

♥ Baked cookies for the kids and Dan to grab whenever they want.

♥ Chatted with my son away at college via the internet and phone.

♥ Sewed items to sell in a tea shop.

♥ Worked on my newest book, both this and the item above are ways I help contribute to our family income.

♥ Kept in touch with our church family via email and facebook during the week.

♥ Saved money by making almost everything we eat from scratch.

♥ Used my spiritual gifts in ministry that compliment my husband's gifts. 

My role as I see it is to continue to keep those home fires burning.  To keep things running smoothly at home so my husband will be a more effective pastor. 

I'm very thankful that God has allowed me this privilege in my life.  Time to go stoke the fire! (Figuratively that is since we have a gas fire place in the new house) :-)