Monday, January 6, 2014

Multitude Monday

I love Monday because it's a brand new week and a fresh start.  A day to have a "do-over" and forget about the mistakes from the week before.

I Peter 1:13 (NIRV) ~ 

So prepare your minds for action. Control yourselves. Put your hope completely in the grace that will be given to you when Jesus Christ returns.

This week, as I head into changes in my life - some minor and some major, I want this verse to be my focus.  I want to move forward with thanks for the many things that God is doing and will do in my life.

This week I'm thankful for blessings #1871-1883

♥ A girl's day out with two ladies from church.

♥ The beauty of snow.

♥ Peaceful days and nights.

♥ Getting slowly unpacked.

♥ A wonderful worship service, hearing voices lifted in praise.

♥ Hearing those same voices lifted in prayer for each other.

♥ The joys of entertaining.
♥ Seeing how determined Nathan is to do well on a test he has to take for a job.
♥ A wonderful gift of cookies from our neighbors.

♥ Feeling welcomed.

♥ A beautiful sunrise.

♥ Working through emotions and coming out stronger.

♥ Emily's strength in going into a new school today. 

♥ The joys of a soft bunny.
and finally...

♥ A week of fresh starts.