Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Week of Reflections

This week I wanted to slow down and take some time to reflect.  I wanted to contemplate on the gift I've been given which is why I posted a daily reflection.

I've been given the gift of the Word of God, not just the written word, but the word that is Jesus.

I want to focus on the Bread of Life.  Not just bread that sustains my physical body, but the Bread that sustains my spirit.  The Bread that was broken for me.  The Bread that nourishes and gives me strength.  I can't live without physical bread nor would I live without the Bread of Life.

I want to focus on the sacrifice given.  The people waving branches in adoration and praise one week were crying for his crucifixion the next.  Do I do the same?  One minute my mouth is full of praise and worship.  The next I'm grumbling, complaining and lamenting.  How can that be? 

I want to focus on the splitting of the temple curtain, signifying the death of the old way.  I want to reflect on the resurrection of the Son, bringing hope and light to all who open their eyes to see.  I want to concentrate on the significance of this single event in history that has relevance for us today.

I don't want to keep Jesus in the tomb.  I do that when I continue to live in my old nature.  I do it every time I take my eyes off the Lord and keep them on my circumstances.  I do it when I snap at my children or when I gossip about my neighbor or focus on another's sin so I don't have to look at my own.  I do it in the countless other ways that trample His gift under my feet.

I want to reflect on the Light of the World who calls us to be light in this world.  I want to concentrate on the fact that He lives!  He lives in me and loves through me and continues to reach out to others through the frail, weak vessel of my life.  

That truly is the miracle of his death and resurrection.