Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back in the Nest

Stephen finished his associate's degree and is back home for the summer and it's wonderful to have him here.  He has always been thin but he looks skinnier to me so my goal is to fatten him up a bit.  :-)

He's camping out in our sun room for the summer so it's an adjustment for me but I'm so thankful he's home.  He has a full-time job, landscaping at a local cemetery and he plunged right in yesterday.

It's been neat to see how much he has grown spiritually over the past few months too.  This mama hen is glad to have all her chicks back in the nest, even though it's only temporary.  He'll be off again at the end of August to work on his Bachelor's Degree. 

I'm so proud of him, as I am of all my children.  They are turning into wonderful young men and women.