Thursday, May 8, 2014

Team Effort

My children are older now and basically young adults.  What used to be mothering is now more like coaching.  And one thing that Dan and I have always done is used a team effort in parenting our children.

We've embraced each other's differences.  We work off each others strengths and weaknesses to be parents to these three wonderful young people that the Lord has given us.  We make mistakes all the time but for the most part, we are on the same page which has helped us in producing fine young men and women.

I'm definitely the disciplinarian of the two of us.  But I will defer to Dan's wisdom in how to handle two young men.  He reminds me often that they don't need their "mommy" telling them what to do so after fumbling around for about two years now I think I've gotten into a good place with them.  They do come to me for advice and of course, FOOD! lol 

Stephen, who will be home for the summer this coming weekend, turns to his dad for conversation on theology, philosophy, and a host of other issues.  Nathan looks to Dan when he wants someone to chat with or just hang out with.  Emily goes to her dad for math, running advice, and for a listening ear and she knows that he will be at every event she is in at the school.

The boys will come to me for advice on clothing, life situations, or the more practical issues.  All three of them will come to me when they need help with relationship problems.  When they are sad about something I'm usually the one they turn to for comfort.

I love that Dan and I work together as a team.  In looking back, there are many things we could have done differently but overall, I think we have done a good job.

When I talk about team work, I don't want to forget the main component in our coaching; the Lord!  We pray constantly for wisdom as we deal with different situations.  I'm not sure how we would have done it without God in the mix.

It truly is a team effort!