Friday, June 6, 2014

Frugal Friday

I had a wonderful week in the frugal department. My blogging friend, Rebecca, is no longer doing the link-ups but I decided to go ahead and post because enough people have told me they like these posts.

One of the most important things I have found in being frugal is that when we are generous with the gifts the Lord has given us, He always meets our needs.  The first thing Dan & I do when he gets paid is tithe that money back to the Lord.  We've tried to teach our children the same thing.  Nathan and Stephen both tithe off the income they make. 

But we also work hard to be generous.  Generous with our lives.  Generous with our possessions and generous with our time.  And I think the Lord does bless that.

That doesn't mean we don't struggle but we've never gone hungry and we've always paid our bills.  God is good!

My frugal offerings this week...

$ Had a great week of sales - my Etsy shop, private sales, the local store, and the farmer's market.

$ There was a huge tree that was dying next to the church.  A tree company came in and took down the tree and left the firewood and mulch from the stump they ground up.  They also ground 3 other stumps that had been left behind when other trees on the property had been cut down.  People from church and our neighbors are taking the firewood.  I'm using the mulch to re-mulch all the flower beds.

$ Used the "stumps" and "bits" from my soaps that I've made.  They are wonderful!  The soap lathers great and lasts a long time.  I was able to salvage the ugly pieces.

$ Two separate friends came me fabric and the one friend gave me about 10 yards.

$ Used up every last bit of meat in my freezer, as well as most of my pantry.

$ Decided to go back to mostly shopping at Aldi & Walmart because I feel like I have better control that way.

$ Saved almost $200 by paying Stephen's entire upcoming semester upfront (he's paying us back a bit each month).

$ Decided, and Stephen agreed to leave his car here for the upcoming school year.  Since he's boarding on campus and his meals and room are covered he doesn't really need it and it will keep the temptation of driving all over the countryside down.   There is access to public transportation there and the town is close enough to walk to it.

Well, that's about it.  Hope it encourages you to try this yourself.  I decided to add a link-up so others could join in!  The only thing I ask is you link back to this blog so others can join and only add the link to your frugal post, not your entire blog.  Jump in and let's help encourage one another.