Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Singing a New Song

Every day I get up and go through my routine.  Every day I slip up and stumble and struggle and long to be like Christ.  Yet, every day I fail in a multitude of ways. 

It's hard to speak words of love when you want to lash out when others hurt you.  It's hard to be kind when others are unkind.  It's difficult to stay quiet when you want to defend yourself.  It takes effort not to be critical when others are pouring out judgment all around.

Singing a new song as a follower of Christ can be a struggle in a world full of discordant notes.  The tune of the world grates against the music of the Holy Spirit.  The beautiful harmony of God can be hard to hear when the raucous music of the devil sounds loud in the ears.

But as believers we are to sing a new song.  Our lips should sing His praises every day.

Kindness, joy, gentleness, peace, patience, understanding and love should roll off our lips in one glorious song.  But that only happens if we practice.  Practice singing the right notes.  Practice the melody of Christ.  Close your lips until the correct harmony comes out.  Open your lips when the beautiful music arises in your soul.

Are you singing a new song today?

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