Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Blessing

I opened the shop as usual yesterday morning and when I heard the jingling of the bell on the door a few minutes later, I looked up to see who was coming in.  I saw two ladies enter and when they came around the corner, I let out a shriek.  Why?

Because two wonderful friends had driven 4-1/2 hours to come visit me!  I haven't seen them since we moved here, ten months ago.  What a wonderful surprise!  We had a great visit and I truly wish it could  have lasted longer.  They don't know how much they encouraged me yesterday.  We talked, we laughed and they loved the shop. 

They gave me some wonderful advice on how to draw people in.  Both of them manage a consignment craft shop down where we used to live and their store is beautiful!  So I eagerly listened to every word they said.

I've been having a dilemma of trying to get people into the shop. Those who come in love it but it's been hard getting people to actually walk through the door.  The shop is on a main street with lots of car and foot traffic, but it's attached to a house and is in an old carriage house that has a garage door on it.  I also cannot put any permanent signage out.  So it honestly does not look like a shop from the street.  In nice weather I can put the door up and bring some items out on the driveway but now that it's autumn, the doors are down.  I've had people who have grown up here tell me that they don't know where it is.  Or others who do know about the new shop, just don't come.  So it's a bit discouraging. 

I keep very busy because my private sewing business is doing well.  I am filling sewing orders almost every day.  I'm happy with whoever comes through the door.  Most of my vendors have sold something which makes me thrilled because I want them to do well too. 

Yet I am feeling a bit of pressure.  Because quite frankly, if I don't make money then it will be a short-lived dream. :-)  I'm getting a wonderful deal this year, but I know that business has to pick up in order to continue.  And yet, at the same time, it takes quite a long time to get established. 

Just hearing these two seasoned pros give me some encouraging words and advice was just the balm I needed.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and God knew right when I needed a pick-me-up.

I told them that next time they'll have to give me notice that they are coming so I'll actually have something to feed them! :-)