Thursday, May 28, 2015

Creativity Unleashed

I've been so busy lately with various projects and I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the many things I need to do but find myself very short on time.  However, I keep plugging away one project at a time and while I don't think I'll catch up, at least I can stay afloat!

I now have my items in two shops, and will be moving into a third as a vendor.  I've been swamped with orders so while I keep wanting to rebuild my inventory, I can't seem to find the time to build it up.  Pesky things such as laundry, meals, and cleaning get in the way!  :-)

I changed the name of my the bath and body end of things to Bare Basics.  I just felt like Terri's Country Crafts & Books was a mouthful to say when people were asking about the soaps.  The soaps, lip balms and salves are doing well and I enjoy making them.

I finished up two orders for remote control caddies, a napkin order, and am in the process of making a tote bag for someone else.

In the midst of all this I need to start making jams because the local farmer's market starts on Monday and I'll be there all summer with bread, jam, soap and craft items as well as my books.

My garden is planted and already the pesky weeds are starting.  So that is on my to-do list as well.  I feel like my creativity has been unleased and while it's a good thing it certainly makes for a busy life.