Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday Words of Encouragement

Each year our denomination's Great Commission Women's leadership team comes up with a theme for the year.  This year our theme is God's Positioning System: Placed for a Purpose.  I thought I would focus on one aspect of GPS here once a month for my Wednesday Words of Encouragement. 

God's Positioning System: In the Valley
Psalm 23:4 (NLT) ~
Even when I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will not be afraid,
    for you are close beside me.
Your rod and your staff
    protect and comfort me.
Dan and I were driving to a meeting a few years ago and as we sped along the highway in the early morning, we could see a valley ahead of us. A mass of fog had settled there.  All around were blue skies and bright sunshine.  Yet, as we descended into the valley, we had to put our lights on because the fog was so thick and made it difficult to see.  As the incline rose, and we climbed up the other side, the fog dissipated and the skies cleared.

Our lives are like that too.  When we are dealing with a difficulty or trial, it's hard to realize that there are blue skies above the fog.  The only thing that exists in our minds is the hardship and struggle.  Yet, when we come out of the valley, things are beautiful and we can see clearly.

As we rise up out of the valley, we can begin to see how a particular trial was used in our life.  We see how God's hand was upon us through the struggle.  We see things that we learned in the midst of it.

Yet, it's so easy to feel depressed and discouraged when we can't see the blue skies.  It's easy to feel as if you are alone.  It's important to remember that there are bright skies overhead.  The fog doesn't last forever.  It does lift as the sun warms the day.  

Are you going through a hard time right now?  Remember, that God is there with you in the midst of that fog, even if you can't see Him.  Just as our headlights helped us to see in the valley we were driving through, God is the light that will help you navigate through the fog.  Trust Him.  Know that He is there.  

He will guide you through that cloud and out the other side where you will see sunshine and blue skies once again.