Monday, October 3, 2016

When the Road is Long and You Want to Give Up

Sometimes this road we are traveling along can just seem unending.  You get up each morning and place your two feet on the floor and have a moment when all you want to do is put them back in bed, pull the covers up over your head and never get up.  Life is hard, struggles are real and you want to give in to the emotions and run away.  You say, "I never asked for this situation."  "I don't want these circumstances."  "God, what are you thinking?"  "Don't you care about me?"  It's all too easy to become like a toddler and throw a first-class temper tantrum.

Yet, we can either take the things that come our way and make the decision to keep trudging forward, even though the road may be long or full of puddles and mud or we can choose to give up.  We either decide to keep trusting God and follow Him even when we can't see what's around the bend, or we turn around and say, "This is too hard and I didn't ask for this." 

If we make the choice to keep moving forward, there are those things that come our way that will encourage us.  There are glimmers of hope when we can see where the road is taking us or why it went a particular direction.  Those moments of clarity will encourage us to put one foot in front of the other and continue to move in the direction God has for us.

There are days when I want to say, "Forget this."  "It's not worth it."  But then I remember to put my eyes back on the One who is leading and keep moving forward. When I take my eyes off the potholes and mud puddles and start looking around for the beauty along the road, I find joy in the journey.