Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My View

I spent three months, sitting in the same spot for most of my days.  My leg propped up, books and laptop nearby and seeing the same view.  So imagine my excitement when I was released from my leg brace and told I could resume normal activity. 

I had big plans for this summer.  I was going to hike and enjoy the outdoors and take lots of photographs.  I was going to do my normal activities such as canning.  I was going to enjoy lots of time with my daughter who is leaving for college in about 7 weeks.  I was going to work hard to take off the weight I've gained and get active.

Instead, I'm back in my spot on the loveseat, with my leg propped up, books and laptops nearby and looking at the same view.  In the process of weeding my flower beds, it seems like I may have torn the meniscus in the right leg.  It's the same injury that I had on the left side last year.  The problem this year is that the pain is 10 times worse.  I can barely put any weight on my leg and I don't have an appointment until July 13th.  I've tried to get in earlier but my lovely doctor needs his vacation so he's not there!

So I'm sitting here while the world goes by my front window.  I'm missing out on my daughter's parent-student orientation on Thursday and Friday. We canceled our plans to go on vacation this week.  This fourth of July there is no barbecue.  I'm feeling really frustrated on so many levels.

But I also know that part of living in a fallen world is that we have bodies that decay and sometimes don't work the way they should.  I also know that God uses these things in our lives to draw us closer to him.  Most of my work for our district is on my computer so I can still do that.  I have a very sweet girl who has been so understanding.

So rather than whine, complain and otherwise, have a rotten attitude, I'm choosing to make the best of a bad situation.  I don't like my view at the moment because I wanted a different one.  However, it is the one I have so I can either carry on about how I wanted to see something different or focus in and have a new perspective of the same view.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!