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The Voice of God

  It's been a very strange week and nothing went as planned. We set out on Monday afternoon to deliver food to my in-laws and visit with them a bit. When we arrived they weren't home and there was a pile of bloody towels in the garage. Yikes! After calling around to different places we discovered that my father-in-law was in the emergency room with a broken nose and broken cheek bone. He was doing what he wasn't supposed to be doing (yard work) and fell flat on his face on pavement. He's on the mend, but that was an unpleasant afternoon. The rest of the week went from there. It's been a week of meetings, work and trying to get things done around the house as I get ready to leave for a week long trip on Saturday night. I am thankful that Dan and I were able to squeeze in a walk a few times.  When I'm out in nature, peace descends on me almost immediately.  It's just one of the ways I feel God's presence the most and hear His voice. So I'm always happi

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