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Turning Things Upside Down

Days rush by and I realized today that it's been over a week since I've posted here. I love to write and often my writing is connected to something going on in my life. This is my way to process through it, figure out what God wants me to learn from it, and then in turn, encourage someone else with that same truth. But it's hard to find inspiration when the things I take inspiration in are no longer available to me. I hear best from God when I'm out in nature and yet, I can't do much walking because of my knee. I attempted to walk today but made it less than a mile. My knee kept giving out on me and I knew if I attempted to go further, I'd end up with a setback. But thankfulness came when I realized that two weeks ago I wouldn't have even been able to hobble that far.  I'm taking two classes this year. They take place once a month on a Saturday and I drove back to our previous area, spent the night with a friend and then drove on to the class in the morn

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