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Frugal Friday

Frugal living is about making the most of your limited resources. People who are frugal understand the importance of sticking to a budget, spending their money wisely, and avoiding an attitude of materialism.  ~Amy Hoover It's been about a month since I've posted a Frugal Friday post and I thought it was time to do another. I find that frugality is so ingrained in me that I don't really think about it too much anymore. We have been in seasons where I didn't have a choice and it was necessary. Then there have been other times when I don't have to watch every penny. But even in those times of bounty, I'm more inclined to not overspend. And that is mostly because I'm not having an attitude of materialism and having to obtain the latest and best of everything. I have an I-phone that is 5 years old. The Otter Box covering has a tear in it. The charger is not the original. The battery doesn't hold a charge very well. It's getting to be time to replace it.


I joined about 80 other women from around the world who are part of our denomination for a time of prayer this morning. We were praying specifically for the countries of Turkey and Syria. The churches in those countries have boots on the ground as they work to bring food, drink, shelter and clothing to those who are in crisis do to the devastating earthquakes there. As we prayed I felt my heart shatter and break for people in trauma. We prayed for those who have lost loved ones, those who are injured, those who have lost all of their possessions and those who are still trapped. My heart shattered over the renewed realization that so many people in this world are in total devastation - helpless, hopeless and suffering. And yet, I can be so self-absorbed and selfish. My problems seem so small in comparison.  Unfortunately, our churches can be that way too. I've met so many hurting people who truly need someone to come alongside them and love on them. And what are we concerned about? 

Through it All

There are times in my life when I get a deep sense of the presence of the Lord. It doesn't always happen, but lately I've experienced it more.  Yesterday, was one of those times. Was it because I was in deep reflection and prayer? No. Was it during a time of church or district ministry? No. Was it because I had some profound inspirational thoughts? No. In fact, I was driving back home after spending a couple of hours chatting with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. I woke up yesterday morning and had the desire to bring them dinner. So before church I whipped up a batch of brownies and then after church I put together one of their favorite meals. And I drove the hour to their house to deliver it.  On the drive home, I was struck with a sense of peace and contentment and again, the feeling that the Lord was present. I think it was because I was able to enjoy ministering to my in-laws. Often I get so busy with my own "stuff" that I forget to slow down and do things lik


I found a picture this morning of one of the hydrangea bushes in the flower garden of our previous home. When we moved into the parsonage there, a large flower bed surrounded the entire house. It was full of plants of every kind, but it was also so large that I found it difficult to manage. Then I experienced 5 years of repeated knee and leg injuries. I had two torn meniscuses with surgeries and long recovery periods. I fractured the weight bearing part of my tibial bone in the leg and was laid up for 3 months with strict instructions to stay off my leg. So I had to get around with a leg brace and crutches. And on and on it went. I was emotional and spiritually discouraged and as a result of all these things, my flower garden got out of control. The more out of control it got and the more the weeds took over, the more overwhelmed I felt as I looked at it. One cold February day I happened to go outside and saw the flower pictured above still clinging to the vine. On that particular day

The Goodness of God

I definitely had writer's block last week and half-heartedly started a blog post or two and then deleted them. I've been blogging since 2008 and there are days when I feel like the well is running dry. But then something will happen or some inspirational thoughts will pop into my brain and get that spring bubbling up again. This morning as I was doing my quiet time and my brain kept wanting to wander while I was praying, I got frustrated with myself. I thought, "I can't even pray right." And then just as quickly as I refocused my mind, I heard God's voice tell me, "Stop trying to perform." Even in my prayer life I tend to be task-oriented and achievement-focused. It's been so ingrained into my being that I must perform well or else I've failed. And that even carries over to my prayer life. Whereas just sitting in God's presence shouldn't be about *ME* but about *HIM*. Because God is good, my performance isn't the thing that earns