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December 30th - New Year, New Adventure

Well, this year I decided to work on getting a blog up and running. The purpose for this is two-fold. One is to keep in touch with friends and family. It is so difficult at times because we all live so far away. This is one way for the grandparents especially to be able to see what is going on in our lives. The second reason is to give my oldest, Nathan an opportunity to develop some technology skills. He recently received a digital camera and this will give him the opportunity to use the camera and post his pictures on the blog. He struggles with multiple disabilities and we are trying to find skills that will allow him to make a living when he leaves our home. So this is our new blog and I hope you like it! Terri

December 30th - Christmas Day Pictures

We had probably the best Christmas ever! Everyone seemed to have more of a focus on what was important this year. I'm such a mean mother because I told the children that they couldn't come downstairs until 7:30. I figured what is the point in getting up at the crack of dawn and then by 9 a.m. everyone is exhausted. They were pretty good, though I do think they were up way before 7:30! They came down and we let them open their stocking gifts and then we did our advent reading for Christmas. We have been doing the Jesse Tree which traces Jewish history from creation all the way through the birth of Christ. You do a reading each day and then hang an ornament on a little table top tree to represent that part of the history. We had a big breakfast of french toast, sausage and fresh fruit then they opened their gifts. We received a Christmas trivia game from a couple in our church so the kids had to answer the questions before they opened the presents. It actually was a lot of fun