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Word of the Year, Goals for the New Year

On yesterday's blog post I mentioned that I pray, reflect and see what I should focus on in the coming year. I generally get an impression as I pray about this as to what single word sums it up, as well as a verse or verses that may go with it. Tomorrow I will post specific goals I have for the year. But today I wanted to talk a bit about the word I'm focusing on this year. It is the word "order". Psalm 37 tells us that God orders or establishes or orders the steps of each person and that He takes pleasure in them. That part of these two verses was an eyeopener for me. I was raised with the idea that we have to earn God's love and the sense that He is waiting to whack us on the backside whenever we mess up. Here I see that God planned out my life and the path I would take and it brings Him pleasure. He sees my desire to serve Him and how I use my gifts, talents and personalities and He is pleased. I have a mental picture of God sitting back and saying, "That&