Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When Our Children Hurt

It's Loving Our Children Tuesday at my friend Kate's blog and I'm joining in today.

I consider myself a pretty strong person.  I've been through my share of knocks in life and have come out on the other side with scars, but able to deal with many things.

When it comes to my children, it's harder for me.  I think most mothers find that they bleed when their children bleed.  In fact, if you are like me, you probably bleed worse when they are hurt!  I find myself walking around with knots in my stomach because I want their lives to be good.  I want them to be happy and content.  I want better for them than it was for me.


My children have been hurt and disappointed in a few ways this past week and it's been hard for me.  In a few of the instances, it's been through other people being extremely unkind.  That one is harder for me to deal with than just something happening that's a disappointment.  

My children are not mean kids.  They have always been kind to their friends and others they meet so it's hard for them to understand when someone is deliberately mean.  It hurts them deeply which in turn hurts me.



I'm learning that I need to trust God in this area of my children's lives.  He has a plan for them.  He has lessons for them to learn.  He wants to use their trials and hardships to shape them into the adults He wants them to be.


So the only thing I can do is...

♥ Love them.

♥ Encourage them.

♥ Remind them of God's love.

♥ Cheer them up.

♥ Pray for them.


♥ Trust God myself!

I know these things and I honestly don't run around trying to fix most of their difficulties, but I still hurt for them.

It's hard being a parent sometimes, isn't it?