Thursday, July 9, 2015


I love being outdoors because all around my yard is a fragrant scent of growing things.

The morning is especially nice because everything is fresh and clean.


My garden looks good, except for my tomato plants which all have blight.  An older gentleman in our church who has farmed for years suggested taking off all the infected leaves and spraying them with a solution of milk, so I am trying that.  Hopefully, I can salvage some.  They are looking pitiful.

It's been so rainy and cool that the things that are doing the best are all the cold weather plants. 

So far the pumpkin and squash and peppers are doing well. 

The cucumbers are not so great.  If I continue to garden next year and at this point I have my doubts, I really am going to have to do something to enrich the soil.  As it is, I'm not going to be able to grow tomatoes for a while.  Blight has been a problem here for a while and the fungi gets into the soil and will infect plants year after year.

I almost think I'd be better off taking my money and going to the regional market here and purchasing my vegetables there.  I'll see what happens next year.

My goal today is to get out in the flower beds and try to do some weeding.  I also need to harvest some of my herbs for drying.  So I'm off to breathe in the fragrance!

Have a wonderful day.