Tuesday, May 13, 2008



I thought I'd share with you a bit about my middle child, Stephen. I was looking at this picture of him from Sunday and noticing how much he is maturing. I see Dan in him more and more every day.

Stephen has always been my child that oozes mercy. There is not a malicious bone in his body. I remember being upset one time because he was constantly being picked on by this boy. I told Stephen that he needed to grab ahold of this other child and let him know that he needed to stop. (I know, I know...not very Christ-like of me). Stephen came back into the room about 10 minutes later with tears in his eyes and said, "Mom, I just can't do that because my heart tells me it's not the right thing to do." :-)

He has always shared a room with Nathan and is extremely patient with Nathan's tics. Because Nathan struggles with dyslexia, Stephen patiently spells things over and over again for him.

On the other hand, Stephen is a perfectionist and will get very angry at himself if doesn't grasp something right away. He gets very upset if whatever he is working on doesn't come out perfectly.

Stephen is not very athletic. His interests have more to do with music and art. He can read music but would rather play by ear and make things up. He is in the process of writing a song for the piano which is turning out rather well.

Snakes are his passion! He loves to hunt for them and knows all about them. His desire is to be a naturalist and loves everything to do with science.

He is a great kid and loves the Lord. He told me one day that Sunday is his favorite day because he loves going to church. I can see him definitely being a pastor or missionary because he loves God and he loves people. Stephen always has about 4 or 5 little boys at church that follow him around. They love him!

So now you know a bit about Stephen and why I love him so much.