Saturday, June 21, 2008

Leaving the Nest

The children noticed a nest up near the eves of our house one day. It was sitting atop the box where the telephone wires come into the house. Everytime they would go anywhere near, the mama and papa birds would swoop at them. This was about a month ago. We could never see the babies because the nest was so high up.

Well, yesterday Nathan told me that he could see them. Obviously, they have grown because they were packed in there like sardines.

They are looking quite pudgy.

Mama bird looking on to make sure we don't mess with her chicks.

They must of been getting ready to leave the nest. I was sitting at the kitchen table that evening when all of the sudden this little bird appeared at the window sill. He hopped around a bit and seemed a bit confused and then fluttered off. I'm thinking it was one of the babies flying about.

Yesterday, when we looked, the nest was empty. So we caught them just before they left home to start lives of their own. :-)