Friday, June 13, 2008

Simple Pleasures

It is so easy for children to become totally self-centered and spoiled in today's world. Every where you turn our society screams give me, give me, give me and many parents get pulled right into this mentality.

Even Christian parents are not exempt from this. Every time they go to the store they must buy something for their child or else the little darling throws a first class fit!

We determined from the beginning of our parenting experience that this would not happen to our children and so far we have been pretty successful in this area. There was a time when Nathan was about 4 and Stephen was 3 that whenever we went to the mall, we would purchase them a little matchbox car. Even though it was only about a dollar at the time, we could see that a habit was beginning to be instilled in them and it was expected that this would be the norm. So we stopped doing this so that it would not become a pattern. We still would get them one every now and then but made sure it wasn't every single time.

As a result of all of this, our children are really very content. They don't expect us to purchase them all sorts of things. When we do get them something, no matter how small they appreciate it. Even our teenagers thank us ! LOL!

My mother-in-law sent each of the children a letter the other day with a dollar for each of them for ice cream. You would of thought that it was $50 each given the level of excitement!

So tonight we went grocery shopping and got ice cream while we were there. It was definitely a simple thing that gave them tons of pleasure.


Of course, Emily is allergic to dairy so she had a Sponge Bob pop which was basically all chemicals. :-)

Thank you, Grandma!